Sunday, October 7, 2012

24 HR

Now that I'm all gradumatated ferm Collage, I can do whatever the hell I want. Besides wallowing in self-loathing and slowly realizing how useless my degree is in almost every way, I now have more time to take part in activities like print exchanges.  This print, "24 HR", I made for Iowa State University's  12th Annual University Print Society Postcard Print Exchange.

I used the same contact monotype method as on some of my other recent prints. This time, however, I cut out a mylar stencil to mask of the body of the text itself.

Cutting out continuous, sharpie-wide line from mylar is tedious and time consuming but made a beautiful, delicate matrix.

In my next post, I will have some of the prints that I received as part of the exchange.

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