Sunday, June 26, 2011

I like James Blake and You Should Too!

James Blake from The Wilhelm Scream

So this will probably be repetitive for many but I couldn't contain myself. I've been on a James Blake binge ever since I heard "The Wilhelm Scream" and "Limit to Your Love", the singles off of his self titled album. Both singles  are covers; "Limit to Your Love" was originally by Feist and "The Wilhelm Scream" is actually a cover of his Dad's (James Litherland) song, "Where to Turn". Below are some of Blake's videos and reasons why you need to listen to him.

One thing that is great about James Blake's music is the sense of space that it creates. Each electronic pop echos infinitely, further describing a cavernous, lonely place. By the end of the song, everything becomes smothered with reverb. Kris humorously (but I think quite accurately) told me that the end of the song made her feel like she was drowning. I don't know if everyone wants to feel like they're drowning when they listen to music but it is such an amazing experience to have aurally.

Blake, who is classically trained brings elements of dubstep to Feist's original piano composition. At first, his voice and simple instrumentation would have you believe that it is a straightforward cover, that is until he comes in with the throbbing, almost subsonic, subwoofer-rattling bass.


Before releasing his self-titled album in February, Blake released several EPs in 2010. One of his EPs, titled "CMYK" (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key - the colors used in industrial printing) was released in four versions. There is of course the standard black vinyl but they also sold limited editions (500ea.) of translucent cyan, magenta, and yellow vinyls. Above is a photo taken by idleberg, and brought to my attentian via Printeresting. The photo was supposedly taken on top of a light table but I can't help feeling that it is photoshopped. Unfortunately all of the translucent vinyls are sold out and so acquiring them is now somewhat difficult (read:expensive) but if any one has one/can get one I would absolutely consider striking a deal (prints or other) to get my hands on it.

NOTE:  The colors are NOT blue and pink, but cyan and magenta. There is a difference!

P.S. Check out NPR's World Cafe to listen to an interview with Blake and hear a few songs performed live.

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