Sunday, June 26, 2011

Marbles and Other Streams of Thought

"Untitled" by Jessica Shafer. Via ARTE Creative. Not sure how I got to these german art blogs, but art is the the universal language. Right? I guess. It's a video of white marbles let loose on a subway(?) floor. Simple idea but mesmerizing results.

If you haven't seen it, this is "Guitar Drag" by Christian Marclay. Again, pretty simple; plug an electric guitar into an amp and drag behind a pickup truck. This video gets pretty graphic and disturbing when you consider when it was made. Imagining this truck driving through Texas with the guitar screaming really gives me the chills. Surprisingly powerful.

John Cage talking about music and sound. He is so thoughtful and well spoken, not to mention how warm and  grounded he is. I do have to admit that his thoughts are more interesting than his compositions in the end. Below I'll include a few John Cage compositions.

"I consider laughter preferable to tears." John Cage

and a response...

I do have to say about 4'33 is that to many it seems cliché but isn't that really a tribute to how successful it was? 

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