Saturday, January 14, 2012


Well now that it's been a little over a month since my show and things have finally settled down, it is time to put up pictures! If you are interested in anything, let me know and we can discuss, barter, and/or haggle.

Left and Right: Gateway, Traffic Drums, 2011

Left to right: Above, Lithograph, 2011,
 Untitled, Lithograph, 2011
 and Over, Lithograph, 2011

Only #1-4, Lithographs, 2011

Forest, Housepaint, 2011

Constellation, Screenprinted paper cutouts, 2011,
 and Slowly Unfolding, Plywood, Hinges, and Housepaint 2011

Slowly Unfolding Folding Slowly

Slowly Unfolding Detail

Returning, Lithographs, 2011
and Leaving, Lithograph, 2011

Center: Traffic, Aquatint, 2010

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