Sunday, January 22, 2012


Police, 2012, 2-Color Trace Monotype, 8"x 8"

The first print of the new year, made for the No Press Print exchange organized by Anna Reser. The exchange required an edition or series of 8, 8"x8" prints created without the use of a printing press, thus the name.

I used an old image of mine and a brand-spanking-new technique, the trace monotype, which is basically fancy, homemade tracing paper. It is a simple process that has plenty of untapped potential; I will try to push it further in the coming months. I also used Akua water-based inks for the first time and they are AWESOME; they clean up so very easily.

Not sure if images of the entries will go online, if not I will try to post them when I get my set.

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