Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Delusions of Grandeur

On my last night with access to the Vandercook, I printed a set of notebooks to sell at the print sale, just before the end of my undergraduate career. I couldn't help myself from printing such a deliciously snarky phrase on these notebooks which would soon be full of sketches and ideas.

I don't entirely mean to be an asshole; belittling others' ideas, creativity, and aspirations. I just want to be realistic, if only for a second.

If you want a notebook of your own, let me know. $15 will get you a big one (5"x7"ish) and $8 will get you a small (3"x5"ish) and I won't even charge shipping (if necessary). I have only a few left, basically the ones shown and maybe one or two more so hurry.

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