Sunday, February 26, 2012

No Press Prints

Here, for your viewing pleasure, in their press-less glory, are the prints I received from the No Press Print exchange organized by Anna Reser. Check out the prints below and take a look at the artists' websites, which I will provide if possible.

A cut out relief print by Anna Reser, organizer of the exchange

Grapefruit by Rachel Donnelly, Relief Print

Scales by Jaime Tillotson, Hand-Colored Relief

Seattle Harbor by Achim Nicklis, 2-Color Relief

Game of Emergence by Ren Adams

The Details by Christopher Clark, Waxed Linocut

Existential Extraterrestrial by Addison Eaton, 2-Color Relief

Police by Yours Truly, 2-Color Trace Monotype

1 comment:

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